NET Bible Translators Footnotes
over 60.000 notes to the Bible text


The NET Bible Translators’ Notes gives unprecedented transparency for serious Bible students.

The Online Bible already offers the NET Bible free of charge. This additional module to the NET Bible gives you the full profit of what the NET Bible translators intended to supply you as a serious Bible student.

The 60,932 translators’ notes provide an extended dialogue between translator and you as reader about the alternatives for translation, options for interpretation, and finer nuances which are usually lost in translations of the Bible. Bible readers are often not aware that every translation makes many interpretive decisions for them. One goal of the NET Bible project was to find a way to help the reader see the decisions and choices that went into the translation. The answer was to include notes produced by the translators while they worked through the issues and options confronting them as they did the work of translation – thus providing an unprecedented level of transparency for users.

Students of the Bible, future Bible translators, and biblical scholars will all benefit from these unparalleled translators’ notes. One of the goals of the NET Bible with the complete set of translators’ notes is to allow the general public – as well as Bible students, pastors, missionaries, and Bible translators in the field – to be able to know what the translators of the NET Bible were thinking when a phrase or verse was rendered in a particular way. Many times the translator will have made informed decisions based on facts about grammatical, lexical, historical, and textual data not readily available to English-speaking students of the Bible. This information is now easily accessible through the translators’ notes.

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