New Testament Background Commentary
Version 4.31 - Mare, Harold W.


The New Testament contains an amazing number of details in its texts that can easily be lost on the modern mind. This means that the full impact can pass by the reader, yet sometimes that snippet of information has major consequences for the meaning of the passage. Commentaries usefully explain the main teaching of a passage, but do not always explore the broader context. Bible dictionaries are helpful, but they are often more interested in expressing the meaning of specific words rather than the significance of situations.

Harold Mare has helped the modern reader by combining the best elements of both commentaries and dictionaries in his New Testament Background Commentary. It is both a commentary and a dictionary of words, phrases, and situations that shed light on the text. An invaluable companion to studying the New Testament, you will wonder how you managed without it.

In the New Testament Background Commentary you obtain a new dictionary of words, phrases and situations in Bible order.

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Mare, Harold W. 
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